Surface Plate (Casting)

Surface Plate (Casting)
  • Surface Plate (Casting)

Cast iron platform, the datum plane plate for precise measurement, is suitable for various kinds of inspection. It can be used to measure the datum plane of machine tools. Besides, it can also be applied for examinating the dimensions of machine accessories and precise crossing. More importantly, it's the indispensable base tool of manufacturing.

For example: rectangular inspection, plane detection, height measurement and datum line delineation

  • Specifications
 Products Flatness Min Order
300x200x50mm 35 um 90 pes
300x300x60mm 38 um 90 pes
300x400x60mm 43 um 90 pes
300x450x60mm 46 um 90 pes
500x500x75mm 55 um 90 pes
600x450x100mm 60 um 50 pes
600x600x100mm 66 um 50 pes
900x600x100mm 82 um 50 pes