Central Sliding Bar Type

No. VK-106A-75,VK-106A-100,VK-106A-125,VK-106A-150

Central Sliding Bar Type
  • Central Sliding Bar Type
  • Central sliding bar makes the movable jaw more workable.
  • Four bolt lugs for rigid mounting to machine table.
  • Suitable for drill press use.
  • Replaceable steel jaws.
  • Central sliding bar type solved the movable jaw frequent lossen problem and brought the clamping accuracy to high level.
  • Specifications
ModelJaw WidthJaw OpeningJaw DepthWeight
VK-106A-75 78mm 82mm 30mm 2.7kgs
VK-106A-100 102mm 102mm 32mm 3.7kgs
VK-106A-125 128mm 131mm 38mm 5.8kgs
VK-106A-150 150mm 151mm 40mm 8.0kgs