Cross Vice, Cross Slide Drill Press Vise

No. VK-107-75,VK-107-100,VK-107-125,VK-107-150

Cross Vise
  • Cross Slid Vise, Cross Vice, Cross Slide Drill Press Vise
  • Accurate machine & assembling.
  • Accurate parallelism & squarness on both way.
  • Replaceable steel jaws.
  • This vise can be set at any place on the machine table and to drill multiple hotels accurately on the X-Y axis. Suitable for clamping soft materials such as wood, aluminum, copper-etc.
  • Specifications
Model Jaw Width Jaw Opening Jaw Depth Weight
VK-107-75 80mm 73mm 30mm 6.3kgs
VK-107-100 102mm 100mm 36mm 9.4kgs
VK-107-125 123mm 126mm 40mm 13.0kgs
VK-107-150 152mm 148mm 44mm 18.1kgs